"Small Town ~ Big Dreams

                                                     .....in honor of Matthew W. Peterson

A Scholarship Program to:


We need your help!

Our "Big Dream" is that any student graduating from Willcox High School can go on to college or specific vocational training!             

"Small Town ~ Big Dreams" in honor of Matthew W. Peterson is a scholarship program designed to help Willcox Students grow, learn and attend and succeed in college or  vocational school.  The success of this Scholarship Program depends on a grassroots effort to give back to our community, to fund the scholarships, and to be willing to mentor current post high school students.  In time the students benefitting from "Small Town ~ Big Dreams" will be asked to reciprocate.  And that is what builds community.

The scholarship committee will select students who have a good chance of success in post secondary education and ensure that they have what they need to succeed.

We also give teaching grants to classroom teachers to be used for equiptment, programs, or classroom adventures.  

"Our echoes roll from soul to soul and grow forever and forever."  ---Tennyson
"Small Town ~ Big Dreams"  in honor of Matthew W. Peterson  is a 501 (c) (3). 
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