juniorscholoarWe believe that experience is a huge part of education!

Encountering things outside of our “normal” experiences… things like new ideas, cultures, people, places… shape the way that we understand the world. Outside of the classroom there are incredible opportunities for learning!

The Junior Scholar program supports educational activities from individuals such as camps, summer programs, educational workshops or special projects. Depending on the activity, recipients may receive help with full or partial program tuition and/or travel. We want our Junior Scholars to dream big about programs that will enrich their minds and offer new perspective to supplement the education they are receiving at school.

Each request is evaluated individually and multiple scholarships may be awarded annually in the Junior program.

A Junior Scholar is a student (ages 10-18) who wants to do something special to advance their dreams and education.

Age: 10 – 18 year olds

Deadline: Ongoing