While teaching sophomore English at Willcox High School in the early 80’s, I met many bright students who could succeed in college.  Some went to college, many did not.  One girl in particular was a very good student…motivated, disciplined, and intelligent.  She did not go on to college because of finances​; ​it ​felt ​beyond her realm of possibilities.  In her late thirties she decided to attend college, received a degree and is now a wonderful teacher.  Her plight was the inspiration for this scholarship program.  I have thought about this idea for over twenty years.

I used to discuss the program I wanted to start with Matt.  He always encouraged me to move on it, but the project was too big.  I didn’t want to send just one student to school, I wanted to make that choice available for every student.  When Matt was killed we knew we wanted to do something in his honor.  His classmates encouraged me to move on the idea of the scholarship program.  Together we put the plan into action!

We can’t do this alone.  Willcox is a special community and with everybody’s help, we can open the doors of post-secondary education for every single student graduating from Willcox High School.

I know we can make a huge difference in the goals of the current generation of Willcox kids.


Betty Peterson